Transformative Performance


Contains adult themes, nudity, bodily fluids and strobe lighting.

Password: AUTONOMY

Many thanks to Vitalstatistix ADHOCRACY for their support, tune in to their live event this evening.

  • Please note this presentation depends on the vagaries of human bodies and may not run exactly to schedule. Some connectivity issues have also been occuring but if the presentation cuts out it will be posted in full later this afternoon.

Transformative performance re-conceptualising conception through a queer lens.
Jenkins will perform monthly live self-inseminations to elevate the experience of queer repoduction and disrupt heteronormative parenting narratives. An invitation, both meditative and unsettling, to witness a moment of creation and grow new understandings of procreation free from sanctimony.

The concept of conception is enigmatic. Understood as a sacred moment it is simultaneously perceived as highly sexual and mystically asexual, though always with the premise of heteronormativity. There is no space in the doctrine for queer reproduction – viewed as an aberration. In IMMACULATE I will create a sanctury for reflection on non-hetero reproduction – presenting the controls put on a queer body which resists being controlled, even by onesself, and the hope, fear and strength inherent in the process. By inviting audiences to witness an intimate moment of queer creation, solitary and unembellished,  I am inviting them to insert their judgements on the validity of my experience. My hope is that, as hypocritical and bigoted judgements do not thrive in open air, they’ll wither outside the safe shield of taboo and allow attitudinal transformations to take root.  My womb is vacant. The presentation is elemental. From these clear grounds hope may grow.

Password: RESPECT