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Casey Jenkins is a Melbourne-based installation and durational/community-engagement performance artist. Her work explores social and institutional power dynamics, and notions of intimacy, temporality and identity, with a particular focus on feminism and gender. Jenkins’ work ranges from meditative to disruptive, and has been presented in traditional, non-traditional, and new-media art spaces, engaging audiences and collaborators locally and worldwide. Combining tactility with technology, craft with performance, her work ranges from minimalist solo durational performances, to pieces that deliberately toy with (and aim to redefine) power structures via street art and experimental group performance. In rallying crews of people to co-create with, Jenkins often seeks to destabilise ideas of art authorship. They co-founded radical craft groups Craft Cartel and Knit Your Revolt, subverting and honouring art techniques often disparaged as ‘women’s work’ with street art and group workshops, have produced women-only biff-fest Femme Fight Club in Melbourne, Bristol and Berlin and founded Australian branch of French satirical bearded feminist group La BarbeTV footage of their 2013 work, Casting Off My Womb, has been viewed over 7.5 million times online and featured in media worldwide. Their practice has been the focus of numerous chapters in art books and journal articles. Recent works have been shown at the Venice International Performance Art Week,  London Science Gallery and SomoS gallery, Berlin. 

Casey Jenkins | CV

Curriculum Vitae


2018-19 Master of Contemporary Art, Victorian College of the Arts – First Class Honours

1998 Princes Hill Secondary College, Australia

Art & Social Advocacy Collectives | founder/co-founder

Craft Cartel         Radical craft posse ‘for crafty types who don’t dig rose-scented doilies’, 2009-present

Femme Fight Club        Women’s only strictly non-spectator art-bash, breaking stereotypes, not bones, 2010-present

Expen$$$ive         All-femme, famous, gaymous supergroup, music-free since 2014

Knit Your Revolt            Nation-wide craftivist gang sticking their needles to extreme conservatism, 2013-2016

La Barbe Australia       Aussie branch of French satirical feminist activist group, 2012-2013

Live Art | solo work/primary artist

2020-21    IMMACULATE, live art initially presented at Vitalstatistix Adhocracy and ongoing

    The Artist is Isolated, performance adapted for Covid-19 lockdown, Cuerpas Internacional, Santiago

2019     The Artist is Distracted, long-form participatory performance in collaboration with Ottilie Sh, VCA Masters 

      Graduation, Awarded George Hicks Foundation Award – presented remotely for Cuerpas Internacional, 2020

    True Colours | True Colors durational performance, Dark Horse Experiment Gallery, Melbourne

    Drawn and Halved performance, LAPSody festival, Uniarts Theatre Academy, Helsinki

    Broken and re-made, time stretches across my lives and my thighs, piercing me with splendour video performance

    Pockmark Exhibition, LiVid art collective, Bangkok Art Week

2018     Where do I begin? Where do I end? (Maternal Distress) performance, Feminist Artists Anonymous, KINGS ARI, Melbourne

2017     Waste Not, 6hr performance/installation, The Beholder, SomoS Gallery, Berlin

    Bye-bye, baby, endurance performance, Horizons, Midsumma Festival, Melbourne

2016     sMother, 5 day performance/installation, Venice International Performance Art Week, Venice

    Programmed to Reproduce, 7 day performance/installation, Festival of Live Art, Melbourne

2015     Body of Work, 3 week performance/installation, Dark Horse Experiment Gallery and online, Melbourne

2013      Casting Off My Womb, 28 day performance/installation, Darwin Visual Arts Association, Darwin


2022     Cycle 3  in S MOM Uncensorable, Kaunas – Vienna – Berlin

2022     Body of Work –  Changwon Sculpture Biennale, Korea

2022     Specimen 7 – Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

2021     Maternal Distress in S MOM Extended Bodies, Meno Parkas Galerija, Kaunas – Vienna – Berlin

2019     Blanket of Shame, Mother Art Prize, Mimosa House, London

2018     Growing Change #metoo #notme, installation, Queer Threads, Assembly Point, Melbourne

2017     Bad Blood, installation, Blood: Life Uncut, London Science Gallery, London

2016     Give us a smile,sweetheart, knitted work, Meridian Midsumma Visual Art Exhibit, 45 Downstairs, Melbourne

2015     Attention Whore, knitted work, f generations: feminism, art, progressions, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne

2012     Femme Fight, photograph documentation, Ladyfest Paris, EspaceB, Paris

2010-15      Cunt Fling-Ups, feminist street art, numerous locations; Melbourne, New York, Paris, Berlin, Vatican City

2010     Crocheted Explosives & Children Overboard embroidery, We Craft This City, Object Gallery, Sydney

Community Art/Activism | primary artist/producer

2017     Lady Blizzard, community art workshops and exhibition at Neighbourhood Justice Centre, Melbourne

    Hidden Agenda, curation of 18 local and international visual and performance artists and workshops,

         Trocadero Gallery, Melbourne

2014     Foot-Hold street-craft, workshops and exhibition for young people of recent migrant and refugee backgrounds, SIGNAL, Melbourne

2013      Knit Your Revolt Anti-Misogyny banner, multiple workshops and installations: Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Wagga Wagga, Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney 

2012   Knitted Genitalia & Femme Fight, workshops and performance, Feast Fest, Adelaide 

    Radical Crochet & Femme Fight, workshops and performance, Bristol Biennial Community Arts Festival, Bristol

2011-17      Femme Fight Club,  12 x performance/happenings: Edinburgh Gardens, Melbourne; Trocadero Gallery, Melbourne; 

         Bristol Biennial Community Art Festival, Bristol; FEAST Festival, Adelaide; Görlitzer Park, Berlin 

2009-10     Trashbag Rehab, numerous craftivist workshops, parks, pubs & galleries, Melbourne

Presentations and Panels

2022     Queer Motherhood, SMom, Kuanas, Lithuania

2021     Seeing Queerly: Art & Queer Representation, RMIT, Melbourne

2020     Feminist Writers Festival, Melbourne

2019     Art & Activism, Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance, Sunshine Coast

2018   International Women’s Day, Craft Victoria, Melbourne

2014   AGDA A20 Awards (Presenter), MONA, Hobart; Dream Big Conference (Presenter), Narrandera, NSW; Feminism & Practice, Cherchez La Femme, Melboure; Art & The Body, Festival of Live Art, Wheeler Centre, Melbourne

Media and Publications | select

Film & TV  

The Quiet Rebel, Feature documentary, France/US, 2018, Winner Best Independent European Documentary, European Independent Film   Festival, 2019 & Jury Award at FilmArte Madrid, 2019

Fear of the Female, Art Bites documentary, ABC iView, 2017

The Feed 3rd Anniversary Special, SBS2, 2016

Why Casey Jenkins Is Knitting Your Online Abuse, ABC, 2016

Intimate Knitting, The Doctors, CBS (USA), 2014 

Knitting With A Difference, 3News (NZ), 2014 

Vaginal Knitting,  SBS2, 2013 

Knit Your Revolt, Southern Cross Evening News, 2013

Passionate Knitters, WIN Evening News, 2013

Making It Handmade, (full length documentary), ABC2, 2012

Guerrilla Craft,  Sunday Arts, ABC, 2009 


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Text | Art Books 

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Text | Journal Articles

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Text | Key News Articles

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