Revolutionary Knitting Force

Knit Your Revolt is a network of rad crafters banding together to produce mass acts of craftivism. We aim to subvert society’s low expectations of craft and women (who are most commonly associated with the art­form) to combat other crazy­arse notions that abound and create a powerful force of change towards a more equitable world.

We consciously use art­forms that have gendered expectations to highlight many other

ridiculous assumptions afoot in the world today relating to gender identity and sexual orientation and other fields of generally bizarro inequity or injustice.

We reject limiting binary notions about gender and gendered behaviour and welcome all revolting crafters to our posse.
We are delighted to provide a platform where ace crafters can connect with other like-­minded makers in their hoods as well as band together to craft against the machine en-­masse.

We are not aligned with any political or other organisiation but we may support the initiatives of others for some projects.

We acknowledge and celebrate that revolting knitters have busy and complex lives and we have no strict participation requirements. We are rather a network of ‘sleeper cells’ with needles ever at the ready should the need for action be particularly urgent (such as when there’s an Abbott or a Newman or a Hanson in office).


A network of rad crafters sticking their needles to misogynistic knit-wits & extreme conservatism.


2103-2016 (founded prior to the tragic Australian election that saw one of the world’s worst leaders EVER voted in)


Australia wide.

Jenkins founded Knit Your Revolt in Melbourne but it quickly spread to every state and territory in Australia with notable hot-beds of action in Canberra, Perth, Wagga Wagga and Brisbane (home to the largest & most active KYR spin-off group, Knit Your Revolt Tricycle Gang)

Crowdfunding vid made to raise dosh for Knit Your Revolt’s first mission

Knit Your Revolt on ‘Wake Up’ National TV Program

Knit Your Revolt on WIN News, NSW

Knit Your Revolt on Southern Cross News, Tasmania