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Body of Work Documentation

Rich or Idle

By Body of Work Documentation

Yesterday, at a wage rate of $240 p/h, I thought I wouldn’t get a booking… & then I did! Employer Hernan came in towards the end of the day & employed me for work tasks including, giving a massage, being tied in the manner Argentinian Military tie prisoners, having my knickers pulled down & air blown on my anusĀ in the manner chickens are hypnotised & re-telling a joke as it was narrated to me. The joke was as follows:

Q: What do you call a rooster who flies to outer-space in a coconut?

A: A cock-o-naut

Today my wage is set at $1,586,852.00, approximately the same rate Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg accrues an hour. I would assume that I won’t get an employment booking at this rate, but who knows?

While I’m in the gallery eagerly awaiting work offers you can tune in to the CCTV & watch me self-directing my own time. Stuff on the agenda:

  • Hustling for work
  • Sending invites for Artist/Employer Talk THIS THURSDAY 6-7pm at Dark Horse Experiment
  • Facebook faffing
  • Gift Making
  • Signing Artist Work-Books
  • Arranging Work Schedule for remainder of exhibition
  • Snacking
  • Hanging out with mates