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Who’d have guessed people would prefer to employ me for a couple of bucks rather than a couple of hundred? Today I am available for hire for $240p/h, the same rate received by Sonja for her work as a Sexual Submissive in a BDSM dungeon.

I currently have no bookings but will be sitting the gallery all day & self-directing until otherwise employed.

Planned activities:

  • hustling for work
  • napping
  • snacking
  • faffing around on facebook
  • opening mail
  • replying to emails
  • fixing bloody website bloody bloody thing
  • sending invites & organising stuff for artist talk THIS THURSDAY EVENING 6-7PM
  • making presents
  • pleading with phone company not to cut me off
  • chatting to friends

Come visit or tune in to the live CCTV footage at Dark Horse Experiment & watch me bludge or hire me & start cracking the whip.