Casey Jenkins

Performance & Installation Artist

Casey Jenkins – Written Material

10 pages written support material

Quotes & Excerpts from the media regarding the artwork of Casey Jenkins
Sometimes Uncomfortable, Sometimes Arousing: The Slow Dramaturgy of Casey Jenkins’ Craftivist Performances

Journal article by Lara Stevens, Theatre Research International, 2016


1: sMother – Durational performance & exhibition to premiere at Venice International Performance Art Week, Dec 2016

2-4: Casting Off My Womb, DVAA, Darwin 2013 – 28 day durational performance & exhibition in which I knitted every day from yarn inserted in my vagina, creating a long passage to mark one full menstrual cycle

5: Programmed to Reproduce, Fesitval of Live Art Melbourne, 2016 – Performance & exhibition involving collation, recitation & reproduction of gendered web abuse directed at my Casting Off My Womb piece

6&7: Knitted banners depicting internet comments & knitting machine in action at ArtsHouse, Melbourne, 2016

8: Give Us A Smile Sweetheart, Meridian Exhibit for Midsumma, 45 Downstairs Gallery, Melbourne, 2016 – UV activated baby blanket – the words ‘dyke’, ‘whore’ & ‘slut’ are visible only in the sunlight

9: Cunt Fling-Up Feminist Street Craft, Melbourne, Berlin, Paris, New York, 2010-present – Crafted genitalia flung over power-lines in the manner gangs are said to fling shoes to claim territory

10: Femme Fight Club, Melbourne, Bristol, Adelaide, Paris, Berlin 2011-present -Women-only non-spectator fight club – breaking stereotypes about feminine passivity, rather than bones 


sMother + recent work

Examples of Casey’s performance work that have come to include large knitted reproductions of  web abuse

Community & Street Art

Media coverage of some of Casey’s community engagement & street art works: ABC Sunday Arts & Making It Handmade documentary excerpts

Recent Works 5:00

Community & Street Art 4:55