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If you tuned in today you would have seen me printing, then printing some more, then doing a tad more printing & then rounding out the day with a spot of printing.

I was working for Employer Joel Gailer, printing (in case you didn’t gather that) copies of a lino-cut he made in conjunction with an artist in the Solomon Islands when he was on residency there.

Joel’s work questions notions of individuality and authorship & working on his project within mine which has, in part, sought to explore how & why we differentiate between humans & define their ‘value’, had a neat resonance, I think.  I could probably mull over it some more but I’m buggered. 9-5 is a killer.

Tune in tomorrow to watch me working to build a water-feature to set instructions, read Employer journal entries aloud, type up theatre notes & read an Employer’s unopened chain-mail.