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Casey Jenkins


Casey Jenkins is a Melbourne-based installation and durational/community-engagement performance artist. Her work explores social and institutional power dynamics, and notions of intimacy, temporality and identity, with a particular focus on feminism and gender. Jenkins’ work ranges from meditative to disruptive, and has been presented in traditional, non-traditional, and new-media art spaces, engaging audiences and collaborators locally and worldwide. Combining tactility with technology, craft with performance, her work ranges from minimalist solo durational performances, to pieces that deliberately toy with (and aim to redefine) power structures via street art and experimental group performance. In rallying crews of people to co-create with, Jenkins often seeks to destabilise ideas of art authorship. They co-founded radical craft groups Craft Cartel and Knit Your Revolt, subverting and honouring art techniques often disparaged as ‘women’s work’ with street art and group workshops, have produced women-only biff-fest Femme Fight Club in Melbourne, Bristol and Berlin and founded Australian branch of French satirical bearded feminist group La BarbeTV footage of their 2013 work, Casting Off My Womb, has been viewed over 7.5 million times online and featured in media worldwide. Their practice has been the focus of numerous chapters in art books and journal articles. Recent works have been shown at the Venice International Performance Art Week,  London Science Gallery and SomoS gallery, Berlin. 

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