Casey Jenkins



Joanne Brookfield, Sydney Morning Herald

She invests her projects with a kind of dignity and quiet intelligence that makes you reassess your view of the world. That ultimately is what art is all about.

Michael Cathcart, Radio National Books and Arts

visceral and compellingly complex

Simon Ings, New Scientist

...nothing short of's impossible not to feel the honesty and sincerity behind her work.

Megan Grant, Bustle

Clever and powerful...The self-referential, autonomous and self-determining unfolding body is a beautiful one, and it’s one which threatens a culture which seeks to control how women see their own bodies and those of others.

Emma Rees, The Conversation

An artistic practice that is deeply attentive to the material, to rhythm, pace and focus that is at odds with the speed, precarity and flexibility of neoliberal production, industrialization and post-industrialization’s immaterial economies and labour.

Lara Stevens, Theatre Research International

nouvel aiguillon féministe en Australie

Alexandre Lassalle, Le Monde


Pip Christmass, Broadsheet

...distinguished themselves for artistic derring-do

Van Badham, The Guardian